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We promote two types of chess club: Spectrum Minichess Clubs for younger children and Spectrum Chess Clubs for older children.

Spectrum Minichess

Although most young children have little difficulty learning the moves of the pieces, playing full games with all the pieces is not always the best approach. Most chess educators agree that children of primary school age should start by playing minigames based on subsets of chess before moving on to complete games. The longer they spend on these activities, the more long-term benefit they will gain from chess.

Spectrum Minichess clubs provide an ideal introduction to chess and strategy games for children of primary school age. We actively encourage parental support and participation to ensure children gain full benefit from these clubs.

Our Minichess Activity Park download enables anyone (parents, teachers, youth leaders) to run Spectrum Minichess Clubs. No specific chess knowledge is required, just an interest in strategy games and a passion for working with children.

Spectrum Chess

For older children, or those who are already able to play a proficient game, Spectrum Chess Clubs give children who enjoy the game the chance to meet and make new friends. Although the main focus of Spectrum Chess Clubs is social, we also provide friendly and informal instruction.

For children who want to take chess further, we work closely with professional junior chess clubs, which will be great for children with the passion and talent to excel at chess, and with local adult chess clubs, which will benefit children who would like to play against more experienced opponents.

Spectrum Chess Clubs require tutors with reasonable chess knowledge: a rating of 1500 or so is fine. Our free coaching materials will provide you with everything you need.


We offer a wide range of free downloads (books, coaching materials, stationery) to enable any parent, teacher or chess enthusiast to run a successful Spectrum Minichess or Chess Club. Please visit our Downloads page and help yourself to anything you want.