Richard runs a number of other websites concerned with junior chess. chessKIDS academy provides an online interactive chess course for beginners. It’s written for children but can be used by learners of all ages. Please note that this site is no longer supported. is the website of Richmond & Twickenham Chess Club, which currently meets on Tuesday evenings at The Adelaide, Park Road, Teddington. Richard has been a member since 1965: the club offers a friendly welcome to chess players of any standard. is the website of the Minichess project, providing a range of activities using subsets of chess suitable for children of primary school age. is the website of the Chess Heroes project, providing a range of free chess books designed to take the reader up to 1500 rating. is a new website advertising my coaching services which will also tell something of the story of my life in chess. is a new website exploring how national and regional chess organisations can bring more children and young people into chess: running Spectrum Chess Clubs is one way of doing this.