Minichess Download Pack
Activities for Spectrum Minichess Clubs.

Chess Heroes Beginners’ Guide
Make sure you know ALL the rules before you start!

Junior Chess Heroes
A worksheet based book for younger children learning at home.

Journey Through Chess
An older book taking a combined worksheet/activity approach written for parents and teachers of children aged about 7-8.

Chess for Heroes
A beginners’ book for older learners explaining what’s really happening in a game of chess.

The Chess Heroes Books

A unique series of books for players who know the basics and would like to play competitively. Click on a title to download.

Checkmates for Heroes
Chess Tactics for Heroes
Chess Openings for Heroes
Chess Endings for Heroes
Chess Puzzles for Heroes

Coming later in 2022: Chess Games for Heroes.

Simple Opening Guides

Back in the 1990s we introduced Richmond Junior Chess Club members to a wide range of openings through our series of simple opening guides. Now revised and updated, they’re available for download as a combined volume here.

Chess Stationery

We provide the stationery you need to run a successful chess club.

Scoresheets: to enable your members to record their games.

Tournament Pairing Charts: to enable you to run informal tournaments

Pairing Cards: to enable you to run informal tournaments using the Swiss System.

Chess Board and Pieces: if you don’t have sets you can make your own.